I Refuse To Comply


Lucy Brenton is a proud, native Hoosier. From her years at IPS, to the Broad Ripple HS of Performing Arts and even television production at the Center for Instructional Radio and Television, she graduated from Northwest High School in Indianapolis in 1989. After high school she was crowned Miss Indianapolis Teen 1989, winning the college scholarship offered by the Pacers. She continued her education at IUPUI studying French and Economics and earned her degree.

Lucy met her husband at IUPUI and their whirlwind romance continues today. Lucy and Dorn celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on May 11, 2021. In true Libertarian fashion, they married by private contract – never asking permission from the State. This union has produced seven daughters and three sons ranging in age from 30 to 8 years.

Lucy has served her Party in a multitude of ways. Currently, she serves as the Vice-chair of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. In 1995 Lucy ran for City-County Council of Indianapolis and received the largest percentage of votes for a Libertarian candidate at that time. She remains an active member of the Libertarian Party today and enjoys the Libertarian lifestyle of philosophy, debate, and the advancement of Liberty. She stands on principle.

Lucy believes in serving the greater community as well. She served as Treasurer of the Indiana Notary Association and is herself a Notary. Lucy has served in the positions of Secretary, Vice-President, President, and At-Large of Central Indiana Real Estate Investors, the largest real estate investor trade association in Indiana. Under her leadership, the association expanded its membership base and increased revenue, providing educational opportunities to members and service to the community.

Professionally, Lucy is an entrepreneur and works in the finance industry. She has owned, managed, and operated mortgage companies. Lucy has worked and invested in the mortgage industry – she has earned a unique perspective on the fraud committed by Wall Street and insists that an honest money system is the foundation of economic stability.

Lucy is a published author and works tirelessly to expose the hazards of private information falling into the wrong hands. She has been published in real estate investing magazines and offered her book on credit repair for sale while lecturing to investing associations. She understands the corruption in something seemingly simple that controls too many aspects of our lives – the credit report – and the intrusion of privacy inherent in the gathering of data without adequate insurance of its accuracy. Lucy has witnessed the devastation of unintended consequences when legislation is passed to ostensibly protect the consumer but in fact does the exact opposite. More government is almost never the answer.

Lucy’s busy life revolves around family, business, and evangelization of liberty. Lucy is ready to serve her Party and her country so that libertarian principles might be advanced. Taking a generational view, Lucy says this, “The time to fight for freedom is now! Our great-grandchildren will thank us or curse us – will we stand against Leviathan or shrink from the challenge? Liberty will not wait. Join me now!”


Growing up in post 60’s America, “The Dred Pirate Dorn” took the idea of “Question Authority” to heart, at an early age he began to question everything he was told, often finding what he was told by his mother, others & the media were the exact opposite of the facts.

The son of a Marine & a blue-collar hospital worker, he was instilled with a sense of patriotism, a democratic political affiliation, and a deep work ethic. As the democratic party begin to appear more socialist, Dorn was attracted to the republican party by its apparent affinity for small business and freedom. In 1986, Dorn was introduced to Libertarian philosophy upon reading “Atlas Shrugged”. It struck a chord, and he began investigating it more thoroughly. The ideas of freedom, liberty, non-aggression, and Austrian economics are the basis for this country. It became apparent that neither of the old political party had the best interests of Americans or America at heart. Thus, he began to speak out against the misdeeds of the government. This blog is one iteration of that fight for freedom.

Professionally, Dorn is an entrepreneur and works in the marketing industry. He has owned, managed, and operated several marketing Agencies. He currently runs Tie Dye Digital.

Dorn is:
• Father of 10 completely unvaccinated children
• A Marketing Virtuoso
• A Speaker
• An Author
• A Biochemistry Major
• An Old Skool Hacker